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Last update: 2020-03-07

About Programming Computers & Building Robots

About this Web Site

This web site is about computer programming and building robots. The page features various projects ranging from games for Nintendo Gameboy/DS and Java libraries to robots and other hardware. The page provides documentation, source codes and wiring diagrams. Read more...

About the Author

Holger Zahnleiter received his diploma in computer science from the University of Applied Science of Darmstadt in 1998. He is since then working as an enterprise software architect and IT consultant. Holger enjoys playing drums/guitar and building robots. He is also interested in formal concept analysis (FCA). Read more...

Featured Projects

Ushabti MM - An autonomous, mobile robot with infrared, sonar, accelerometer, Kinect and other sensors.

FCA Workbench - Edit formal contexts and display their concept lattice's line diagrams.

MidasDS - A computer game for Nintendo DS/DSi/DSi Lite/DSi XL/3DS. Take a bath in the river Pactolus before you touch the princess.

rs485libWinAVR - A RS485 implementation for a primary (Windows 7 PC) and multiple secondaries (Atmel 8-bit AVRs).

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